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**** UPDATE 11/08/2021 ****

Please ensure the dates (granted, objection, advertised) noted on the Form 3 Part 1 issued to creditors are correct and match the relevant documentation.

**** UPDATE 15/07/2021 ****

The ASTRA User Guide has been updated in preparation for the upcoming development to ASTRA on 26th July 2021.

***** UPDATE 23/06/2021 *****

The latest edition of the PTD Bulletin has been published.

***** UPDATE 16/06/2021 *****

Can all users please check that their contact details are noted correctly on their User Accounts for Astra. Please update the details if required.

Any issues with updating your details, please contact

*****UPDATED 20/03/2020*****

COVID-19 – expanded PTD Contingency Arrangements

A further Dear Trustee letter has been published regarding aspects of PTD administration. It can be found using the link below.

*****UPDATED 18/03/2020*****
AiB has this afternoon published a Dear Trustee letter with information relating to operational processes. A further wider stakeholder communication will follow shortly, but we would encourage all stakeholders to read the Dear Trustee letter on our website

*****UPDATED 16/03/2020 *****

Following a review of the processes within the Trust Deeds team, operational changes relating to the submission of a proposal for protection will be in place as of 04 May 2020. A Dear Trustee letter detailing the changes can be found using the link below:

***UPDATED 25/09/2019***

Watch Portfolio Management have now registered to use ASTRA. As such, any new case in which they are a representing company must have them shown under registered creditors. For trustee guidance on how to update the creditors screens, please refer to the ASTRA guidance which can be found on the AiB Website. Where a creditor is represented by another company, the original creditor must be added to ASTRA, then updated to show as the representing company. Trustee organisations are also reminded to ensure that cases are updated at the form 4, form 6 and form 7 stages to reflect the registered creditors.

Please do not hesitate to contact the team with any queries.
***UPDATED 11/01/2019***


Trustee users should note that the registered creditors on ASTRA are now being updated on a regular basis with new users. When completing the form 1 on ASTRA, users should check the list of registered creditors to ensure the correct creditor organisation is being added to the case.

***UPDATED 16/11/2018***

We have received queries regarding the form 3 part 1, and whether or not this needs to be completed by the trustee users. The relevant status for the creditors to view the proposal is the form 3 part 1 submitted status. If, for whatever reason, the form 3 part 1 is not submitted, the creditors will not be able to vote on the protection of the case on ASTRA.

***UPDATED – 30/07/2018 ***

Creditor Workflow Now Live

The update to ASTRA to allow creditor access has now been completed on ASTRA. The link to the guidance on the Accountant in Bankruptcy website is below.

If you have any PTD related queries, or require training on ASTRA, please contact the Trust Deeds Team on 0300 200 2710 or email

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