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**** UPDATE 08/04/2022 ****

The postcode picker for the debtors address when creating new trust deeds had been unavailable. A fix has now been implemented and it may be used as normal

**** UPDATE 08/03/2022 ****

When adding HMRC as a 'Registered Creditor' please add the organisation named: HMRC (All Debts).

**** UPDATE 25/02/2022 ****

AiB have published an update to the The Common Financial Tool Guidance. Link to the website below:

**** UPDATE 04/02/2022 ****

AiB has published Sensitivity Obligation Guidance on the website - link provided

**** UPDATE 17/01/2021 ****

Please note that ASTRA does not notify Registered Creditors when a 'Case Note' is added. Please contact creditors directly.

**** UPDATE 11/08/2021 ****

Please ensure the dates (granted, objection, advertised) noted on the Form 3 Part 1 issued to creditors are correct and match the relevant documentation.

**** UPDATE 15/07/2021 ****

The ASTRA User Guide has been updated in preparation for the upcoming development to ASTRA on 26th July 2021.

***** UPDATE 23/06/2021 *****

The latest edition of the PTD Bulletin has been published.

***** UPDATE 16/06/2021 *****

Can all users please check that their contact details are noted correctly on their User Accounts for Astra. Please update the details if required.

Any issues with updating your details, please contact

*****UPDATED 20/03/2020*****

COVID-19 – expanded PTD Contingency Arrangements

A further Dear Trustee letter has been published regarding aspects of PTD administration. It can be found using the link below.

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